Dover, Del. (June 14, 2019) ---Former Delaware State student-athlete and May 2019 graduate Aayushi Chouhan hopes to one day work for the International Olympic Committee.  The former Hornet women’s tennis standout is taking advantage of career development opportunities offered by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to assist in fulfilling her dreams.

Chouhan was among 215 student-athletes from across the country to attend the 2019 NCAA Career in Sports Forum in Indianapolis, Ind., home of the NCAA headquarters.

She was recommended by Delaware State athletics and was a recipient of a 2019 NCAA Accelerated Academic Success Program Career Development Award, which is designed to support the professional development of student-athletes planning to pursue careers in athletics administration.

“The forum was extremely helpful in sharing information to help attendees develop strategies for careers in athletics administration,” said Chouhan, who served as a student intern in Delaware State’s Athletics Compliance Office as an undergraduate. “We heard from a number of professionals who shared advice on everything from volunteerism to resume writing and internships.”

A native of Raipur, India, Chouhan plans to begin graduate studies this fall. She will also attend another NCAA forum next month in New Orleans.  

“I am beyond thankful for the opportunities that Delaware State has provided for me,” said Chouhan.
“It’s always a matter of pride to represent DSU on a national level, even after graduation.”

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