Mission Statement:
The mission of the Delaware Diamond Extravaganza is to recognize advocates with ties to the state of Delaware who have displayed a commitment of support in women's athletics and education.  We acknowledge individuals in education, coaching, administration, athletes and contributors to the growth and success of women.

The Delaware Diamond Extravaganza began in 2009 as a way to recognize, celebrate and honor individuals in the state of Delaware that have helped women's athletics grown and excel in addition to creating additional scholarship and financial support to aid female athletics programs.

The DDE identifies coaches, administrators, athletes, contributors and those who meet the following criteria:

  • Over 10 years commitment to women's athletic programs
  • Activist for Title IX and gender equity
  • Enhanced life skills knowledge through women's athletics
  • Former player/coach/administrator/etc. actively involved with women's athletics within the Delaware community


The DDE is a banquet-style celebration held annually at the Sheraton Hotel of Dover.

"The heart of this event is to give back simply by saying "thank you" to the people who have worked so hard to make changes for the rights and opportunities of women," said Candy Young, DDE founder/co-chair and DSU Senior Woman Administrator.

The DDE committee members are a collaboration of DSU head and assistant coaches from women's sports teams.


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