The Delaware State University Cheerleaders are a group of selected individuals whose purpose is to promote and uphold school spirit, encourage crowd participation at athletic events, and develop a sense of good sportsmanship among students. The squad will be the foundation of athletic and academic spirit. The squad will also represent Delaware State University in a positive light and perform and entertain audiences. The spirit of Delaware State University Cheerleader is important in the promotion of sportsmanship, citizenship, and school spirit. Each squad member must develop loyalty towards the team, as well as the school, and assume a leadership position. Hard work and dedication are a must. It is an honor and a pivilage to be a part of this organization. The Delaware State University Cheerleading Program is looking for well-rounded athletes with cheerleading skills and cheerleading ability. The Cheer Program realizes that not all potential cheer participants have advance tumbling or advance stunting skills. Do not assume that weakness or lack of skill in any one area will automatically disqualify you as a potential tema member. Although we strongly desire athletes to meet certain requirements, we also look for potential that we can help develop. A positive attitude and hard work ethic must be displayed at all times in order to be considered for this team.


Attitudes and/or egos should be left at the door. Any past accomplishments in cheer/dance/stunting or otherwise, carry very little weight in the selection process. The Delaware State University coaching staff has the right to remove any participants, at any time, for bad attitude of failure to follow safety guidelines and regulations for stunting or general safety of the program.



For more information on DSU Cheerleading contact:
Sharon Whitaker - swhitaker@desu.edu