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Name, Position Phone Email
Administration   Return To Top
D. Scott Gines, Ed. D., Director of Athletics 302-857-6030
Dennis Hawkins, Assoc. AD for Ath. Finance & Administration 302-857-7633
Matt Fortune, Associate Athletic Director for Facilities 302-857-7258
Alecia Shields-Gadson, Sr. Associate AD for Compliance/SWA 302-857-7087
Calasha Wisher, Administrative Assistant 302-857-6030
Dennis Jones, Sports Information Director 302-857-6068
Dr. Charlie Wilson, Faculty Athletic Representative
Compliance   Return To Top
Shatiek Billups, Compliance Assistant 302-857-7047
Edward Egerton, Compliance Assistant 302--857-7047
Equipment   Return To Top
Mark Springs, Head Equipment Manager 302-857-7445
Ticketing   Return To Top
Jeffrey Revel, Athletic Tickets and Marketing Coordinator 302-857-7497
Athletic Training   Return To Top
Steve Iezzi, MS, ATC, PES, Assistant AD for Athletic Training 302-857-7552
Andrew Dunn, MS, LAT, ATC, CES, Assistant Athletic Trainer 302-857-7554
Jasmin Lalin, Assistant Athletic Trainer 302-857-7554
Emily Wallace, MS, ATC, Assistant Athletic Trainer 302-857-7554
Strength & Conditioning   Return To Top
Tyler Kitzman, Assistant Strength Coach 6026
Media Relations/Multimedia   Return To Top
Michael Rogers, Video Coordinator 302-857-6067
Baseball   Return To Top
JP Blandin, Head Coach 302-857-6035
Geoff Kimmel, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 302-857-7809
Matt Domian, Assistant Coach
Golf   Return To Top
Rick McCall, Jr., Head Coach 302-857-7509
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Eric Skeeters, Head Coach 302-857-7493
Keith Goodie, Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 302-857-7461
Kevin McClain, Assistant Coach 302-857-7449
Stephen Stewart, Assistant Coach 302-857-7449
Jane Hicks, Administrative Assistant 302-857-7493
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
David Caputo, Head Coach 303-857-7493
Brittany Brown, Assistant Coach 302-857-6020
Brittany Christian, Assistant Coach 302-857-6049
Samera Marsh, Assistant Coach 302-857-6019
Jane Hicks, Administrative Assistant 302-857-7493
Bowling   Return To Top
Elysia Current, Head Coach 302-857-7981
Cheerleading   Return To Top
Sharon Whitaker, Head Coach 302-857-6188
Men's Cross Country   Return To Top
Stephen Kimes, Head Coach 302-857-6449
Women's Cross Country   Return To Top
Stephen Kimes, Head Coach 302-857-6449
Football   Return To Top
Rod Milstead, Head Coach 302-857-7447
Mark James, Defensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach 302-857-7447
Le'Andre Creamer, Cornerbacks
Eric Day, Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks 302-857-7678
Anthony Vitale, Offensive Line Coach 302-857-7447
Milo Austin, Wide Receivers/Special Teams
Jeff Braxton, Running Backs/Tight Ends 302-857-7454
Cordie Greenlea, Linebackers 302-857-6025
Anthony Missick, Safeties Coach 302-857-6048
Equestrian   Return To Top
Jennifer Ridgely, Head Coach 302-359-2277
Caroline Kane, Asst. Coach - Hunter Seat
Monica Ellis, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Men's Indoor Track   Return To Top
Stephen Kimes, Head Coach 302-857-6449
Women's Indoor Track   Return To Top
Stephen Kimes, Head Coach 302-857-6449
Men's Outdoor Track   Return To Top
Stephen Kimes, Head Coach 302-857-6449
Women's Outdoor Track   Return To Top
Stephen Kimes, Head Coach 302-857-6449
Lacrosse   Return To Top
Emily Peets, Assistant Coach
Soccer   Return To Top
Kortney Rhoades, Head Coach 302-857-7636
Joel Jean-Simon, Assistant Coach 302-857-6373
Softball   Return To Top
Jeff Franquet, Head Coach
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
John Williamson, Head Coach 302-236-3901
Volleyball   Return To Top
Dr. Bruce Atkinson, Head Coach 302-857-7188
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